Robotics startup had to give up on-site visits - so they built a digital model of the reality instead

Robotics 20. apr. 2020

COVID-19 somehow impacts us all

It creates necessity in thinking out of the box and making things more digital. We are pleasantly surprised at how a, otherwise slightly analogous, industry such as the construction industry, are able to adapt and things actually flow more streamlined in a wide range of areas. BUT, being a StartUp and trying to innovate and implement new technology in foreign ground has its challenges when you can't physically demonstrate the robot, but have to settle for a digital version where customer inputs are implemented to some extent.



If you would like to read more about Robot at Work and our perspectives on COVID-19, then the full article can be read HERE (NOTE Login required)

Skrevet 20. apr. 2020
Skrevet 20. apr. 2020

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