RAW in collaboration with the Videnscenter for Håndværk - Bæredygtighed, Klimarenovering og Byggeri

Construction 2. mar. 2020

If you visit the Videnscenter for Håndværk - Bæredygtighed, Klimarenovering og Byggeri (the knowledge center for craftmanship – sustainability, climaterenovation and construction), you will be able to spot a Robot At Work (RAW) robotic platform in one of the two mobile technology centers (MTC's). We are proud that the Videnscenter has chosen a RAW - and that RAW will contribute to creating value and learning for the country's business school students.

The knowledge center is based at Learnmark Horsens, who runs the center along with two partner schools: Roskilde Technical College and Den jydske Haandværkerskole.  

With the basic idea that students should not come to the knowledge center, but that the knowledge center should go to the students, the knowledge center consists primarily of two mobile technology centers (MTC’s). These two technology centers are basically custom-built containers on wheels that independently of each other can go to the country's business schools and their students. It offers tremendous flexibility to the country's business schools, who can book the technology centers and incorporate them into their teaching. Each MTC can hold one class at a time, and the objective is for the students to learn to think across crafts to ensure sustainability and climate renovation in all aspects of construction.

The purpose of the knowledge center is "to build and disseminate expert knowledge to business schools with the latest technology belonging to the field"1. The two MTCs each have their own focus; one is focused on construction and housing, while the other is focused on industry and technology. The latter includes robotic technology, among other things, and this is where Robot at Work comes into play. Robot at Work is new and still relatively unknown robotics in the construction industry, and with the tremendous flexibility and versatility of the robot's design, there is great potential within the construction industry.

On the left: One of the knowledge center’s two MTC’s. On the right: The RAW robotic platform at the knowledge center.

With the idea that the country’s business school students can, amongst other things, learn about the latest technology within a number of professions, RAW is a perfect fit with its focus on the construction industry. Here at Robot at Work we want to support the future demands for labor within the construction industry, and because of this, we are very proud that the knowledge center has chosen a RAW robot.

With RAW at the Knowledge Center's MTCs, we can help inspire and encourage the education sector to innovate in the construction industry, as knowledge of RAW and its many applications as well as benefits to employees in the construction industry will be widespread.

At the same time, we enter collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking with the knowledge center, which has links to both business schools, primary schools, higher education, companies and industries. It is a huge advantage to be part of such a large network, as it means that we can continue to learn and develop our robotic platform in the future according to market trends and needs.

More pictures of the RAW robotic platform at the knowledge center. 


1. https://videnscenterportalen.dk/hbkb/wp-content/uploads/sites/9/2018/06/Folder_videnscenterbyggeri_om-os_10.04.18.pdf.

Skrevet 2. mar. 2020
Skrevet 2. mar. 2020

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